[:en]Globe hosted a delegation from Claycrete Zambia and the Zambian National Service in Perth, WA today to support a large-scale ‘Road Rehabilitation Project’ commencing shortly in rural Zambia. The project, to be partially funded by the World Bank and African Development Bank, seeks to rehabilitate 10,000 km of rural road by 2021 using an Australian patented road improvement system developed by Claycrete Global.

Globe has been selected as the preferred training partner and will provide a range of services to develop a competent project workforce of 5,000+ personnel to be employed over the life of the project. Globe’s Chief Executive Officer Chris Gittens commented that “this is a significant project for Zambia and to be a part of this major workforce development program is very exciting. The project is going to greatly help Zambia’s rural areas and we look forward to supporting Claycrete Zambia in this endeavour”.[:]