If you are still awake after reading this title, well done! Don’t worry, it does get better.

But first let’s break it down.

Equality, is the state of being equal.
Equity, is fairness.
Competency Assurance, is a structured and documented method of assessing the competence of the individuals that make up your workforce.

So how do they all fit together? Competence is a repeatable, demonstratable skill, underpinned by knowledge learned over time and measured against an accepted standard or benchmark. The standard could be internally defined or based on an external recognised standard or legislation. A Competency Assurance System (CAS) is the framework in how competency is measured and maintained in an organisation. A sound system will set a range of competency standards for how tasks are performed, and how risk is managed in the context of that operation and environment. If managed correctly it gives your shareholders, clients and the community assurance that tasks are being performed safely and efficiently.

However, further to this the CAS provides a transparent and fair mechanism for equality in the workplace. Measuring and assessing competence within a robust system is blind to difference and bias. It is binary, a candidate or employee is either competent or not yet competent. This in turn mitigates any issues of inequity as recruitment (and promotion) is solely based on competence and not through association, gender and so on… And lastly, an employee knows that the person next to them is performing at the same level therefore advancement will be based on attitude, behaviour and *cough* hard work.

As we often operate in countries where bias can be inherent in work and social culture (maybe that is every country!), by creating a CAS for a project and ensuring the leadership team are committed to its success, there is comfort knowing that the right person is performing right job, and to the right standards.