Building Competent Workforces

Our Approach

Central to our methodology is understanding the characteristics of the individual and cohort; including learning styles, educational or skills background, presence of foundation skills, cultural considerations and personal life. Indeed, as an individual or cohort interfaces with many key elements in and out of the workplace, it is vital to understand and account for all factors that may contribute to their overall competency.

Globe contextualise each of these elements within the overall training and competency framework in order to ensure that outcomes are meaningful for both the individual and company.

If the interface between any of these elements and the individual are not suitable then there will be a gap in competency – leading to damage, injury or worse. This level of analysis also allows for the identification of knowledge and skills that are non-traditional but may be leveraged to provide better competency outcomes.

Critical to this process is developing a tailored Competency Assurance Program, designed and implemented to manage the ‘Competency Cycle’ illustrated below. Typically, this is achieved through a systematic verification of competency process taking into account all the elements of change that occur over the lifecycle of an asset and/or enterprise.