[:en]Globe has commenced the first training program at UGL’s Training and Assessment Centre in Henderson, Western Australia. UGL are a diversified services company delivering critical assets and essential services to a wide range of industries and are a member of the CIMIC group of companies. Globe’s training and Verification of Competency (VOC) services will support UGL’s major maintenance activities and facilitate workforce mobilisation.

The UGL Training and Assessment Centre has been setup to simulate a construction environment with a focus on high risk construction skills, including rigging, scaffolding, working at heights, flange joint integrity, and pressure pipe welder testing.

Globe’s CEO, Chris Gittens, commented that “approval from UGL is a significant endorsement of Globe’s ability to support major maintenance training and competency assurance requirements and we look forward to working closely with them to support their needs”.

Pipe rack assembly used for

conducting complex rigging and scaffolding tasks

The facility is equipped with a wide range of training resources, including various modular scaffolding systems

Bays for conducting welder testing using various welding processes

About Globe:

Globe manages the end-to-end process to assess, select, train and on-board unskilled and semi-skilled national employees within the mining, oil & gas and energy industries with a particular focus on developing countries. Globe’s core business develops and sustains a competent workforce for their clients by developing and implementing world class competency and training solutions that can be integrated into the fabric of each operation. Their team of trainers, competency framework specialists and subject matter experts create bespoke solutions that increase efficiency and improve asset performance. Their understanding of learning styles, cultural differences and challenges working in emerging economies, coupled with a deep analysis of operational requirements ensures outcomes are purposeful for the client, the individual and the community.

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