Global Focus, Local Presence

About Globe Competency Assurance Australia

About Globe

Globe Workforce Development (Globe) is a private company headquartered in Perth, Western Australia with international office locations in the UK, Africa, South America, Canada and Southeast Asia.

Our core business is to build and sustain a local, competent workforce for our clients.

We create bespoke competency-based training solutions that are integrated into a project’s Health, Safety and Environment, technological and production framework. By conducting a deep task analysis across the complete chain of business activities, we can ensure that all learning is purposeful and most of all efficient – leading to safe, productive and competent employees.

We prioritise the engagement of local resources (i.e., trainers, assessors, subject-matter experts, and administration teams), in order to create a self-managed model. This is not only cost effective but also assists in company quotas and avoids any stigma around imported labour.