[:en]Globe’s representatives Chris GittensLuis ValenteAnna Pishchal and Lena Kozovski recently attended the African Mining Indaba Conference joining prominent Mining Executives, African Mining Ministers and Major Industry Organisations in Cape Town, South Africa.

The conference, which concluded last Thursday, not only highlighted the optimistic tone of “seeking progress while maintaining stability” for Africa, but also highlighted the “positive signals” about the future of the mining industry including:

  1. Exciting investment opportunities exist: Indeed, there is a large number of construction projects in the African region at the moment and Junior and mid tier companies’ projects are progressing from exploration to construction
  2. Greater government support offered: Companies are getting funding to continue to explore additional reserves and to also build/expand operations
  3. Employee demand increasing: Candidates are starting to get competing offers and we see a lot more movement in the industry
  4. Workforce Development programs needed: A big push in the industry is underway to continue improvements on social and corporate responsibility. Plans are developed to balance diverse and local workforce, to train and develop the management level and make the transition from expatriate to competent/trained local hires
  5. Common vision for sustainable development critical: Social programs are launched to improve the conditions of the impacted areas and local communities. Companies are looking for ways to leave a positive legacy behind for the community, including infrastructure for the people with clean water and clean power

With over 4,000 delegates from 800 international companies and 40 government delegations in attendance, the Mining Indaba was an outstanding conference and we’re already looking forward to Indaba 2019!

About Globe:

Globe 24-7‘s consultancy division manages the end-to-end process to assess, select, train and on-board unskilled and semi-skilled national employees within the mining, oil & gas and energy industries with a particular focus on developing countries. Globe’s core business develops and sustains a competent workforce for their clients by developing and implementing world class competency and training solutions that can be integrated into the fabric of each operation. Their team of trainers, competency framework specialists and subject matter experts create bespoke solutions that increase efficiency and improve asset performance. Their understanding of learning styles, cultural differences and challenges working in emerging economies, coupled with a deep analysis of operational requirements ensures outcomes are purposeful for the client, the individual and the community.

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